Going Green
Going green is not just thinking about today, it is also thinking ahead to tomorrow.
We are trying to combine a great promotional product with respect for our environment.
People today are increasingly concerned about the fragility of our earth. Why not show your customers you’re committed to a greener planet?
Our core range of eco friendly products, featured below, are made from recycled, organic, sustainable or ethically sourced materials.
Ecologic Staplefree Stapler
Biodegradable corn starch “bioplastic" stapler with patented staplefree technology.
Water Powered Calculator
This super-green calculator is powered by a liquid battery, just fill with water and you’re ready to go!
Nature Lip Care
Lip care made of natural ingredients. completely biodegradable tube.
Recycled Colored Pencils
These short colouring pencils are made from recycled newspapers and packed in a cylindrical carton tube.
Clip-on Solar Powered Torch
Dual power carabiner torch with 2 white LED bulbs. Powered by a solar panel and a long-lasting button cell battery.
Conference Bag

100% biodegradable jute bag

Solar Powered Torch
Solar powered key fob torch with 3 LED bulbs.
The solar panel stores energy in an accumulator allowing extended use.
Recycled PET Lanyard
Made using recycled plastic bottles (PET).
Biodegradable Mouse Pad
100% biodegradable mouse pad.
Biodegradable Pen

Corn made, biodegradable pen.

Recycled Notebook
Notebook with 70 pages of recycled block paper and ball pen with recycled carton and biodegradable plastic parts.
Water Powered Desk Clock
This LCD desk clock comes from A liquid battery. Just fill the reservoir with water, attach to the back of the clock and it’s ready to run.
Non-Woven Shopping Bag
Reusable shopping bag made from an eco-friendly, non-woven material.
Recycled Pencils
These colouring pencils are made from recycled newspapers and packed in a cylindrical carton tube.